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Parking lots for bicycles

An office building in a great location and with a future perspective

The outstanding TULE MAJA is located at Peterburi Road, in the part closest to the city centre, and hence the logistical hub for both national as well as international traffic. Great road network enables to move easily and smoothly by car – as Tartu Road, Peterburi Road, and Järvevana Road provide direct connections with different parts of Tallinn as well as other cities.

Fast tram connection available to Tallinn Airport, Tallinn Bus Station, and to city centre gives the much needed advantage during rush hours regardless of traffic jams.

There’s also Ülemiste train station, the future terminal of Rail Baltica, nearby. In future, it will become a key in developing the area into an important transportation hub by combining the living quarters on both sides of the railroad into a whole, modern, and multifunctional environment.

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An inspiring work environment that adapts to your Company’s needs

TULE MAJA is an office building that combines creativity, functionality, and practical values. Architects have envisioned a unique looking building which in turn has been molded with flexible spaces changeable in size and functionality according to your Company’s needs and wishes. Each office will become an oasis of creation – supported by this inspiring house that features architecturally exciting geometry.

There’s a 500m2 atrium on the first floor of the building with high ceilings and lush plants for enhanced coziness. Roof terrace on 3rd floor can be used for resting and socialising both on and off working time. Magnificent views to Lake Ülemiste, to the city and to the sea can be enjoyed from the office spaces on upper floors.

Considerably more parking lots

The office building’s comfortable location enables to commute easily from all parts of the city. A  parking house will be built partly to underground level, and partly next to the office building featuring up to 278 parking lots, plus 62 more outside of the building. This sums up to 340 parking lots which is considerably more than the other new office buildings can provide.

A comfortable gallery connects the parking house to the offices enabling to move between those two easily and smoothly regardless of weather.

One can of course also take a bike or a scooter to work – as there are 120 dedicated parking lots for those. Charging stations will be installed for electric cars as well.

Modern architecture and smart construction solutions

TULE MAJA is a modern A-energy class building. The solar panels on its roof will cover part of the building’s annual energy needs keeping related costs reasonable. The whole facade is covered with efficient sun protection glass to avoid extensive heat in the building, and hence the unnecessary energy consumption for cooling. Large glass surfaces enable to bring in lots of natural light.

In close proximity there’s Tallinn’s upper light house. This has inspired the architectural solution – from outside, the office building resembles sea waves splashing to both sides from the imaginary  light house on the street corner. The outcome is impressive as well as close to nature.

The architectural solution of the building is created by Arhitekt11 OÜ.

The developer

The developer of the building COMBICON OÜ is a team of construction managers and entrepreneurs with long-term experience and willing to offer high-quality and flexible services of construction, design, project management and real estate development.

„We sincerely believe that good solutions come from cooperation and we are, therefore, open-minded and result-oriented.“

Kaupo Koitla
Chairman of The Board

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